1. Quiche

    if using the 12x5in cake dish:

    • entire carton of eggs
    • 3/4 cup half and half
    • entire container of baby spinach
    • small diced bell pepper
    • quarter diced onion

    change the flavor by what cheese to use, what herbs and spices, and what kind of bread crumbs with butter on bottom


  2. Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce


    • whole grain angel hair or fettuccine
    • reserved pasta water (w/ salt or chk bouillon)
    • package sundried toms
    • can diced toms (with celery/onion/gr pepper)
    • tom paste
    • half block of cream chz
    • handful baby spinach
    • rosemary, white pepper, basil all generously
    • pinch of sage and thyme
    • hearty thin sourdough slices with butter/roasted garlic, thin fresh tom slices, mozz chz, and basil sprinkled on top
    • croutons, red bell, green onion, spinach/romaine heart salad with homemade red-wine/lemon/canola/cracked black pepper/sea salt vinaigrette


    1. boil water with pinch of chk bouillon or sea salt
    2. mince all five cloves, julienne sundried toms if needed, slice up all veggies for salad if needed, slice up toms for bread
    3. sprinkle garlic in olive oil on high heat (deep sauce pan), set aside 1/5 for garlic butter
    4. leave rest of garlic in deep pan, add tom paste, diced toms, use can to dip into pasta water and use to thin sauce little at a time, add cream chz, stir in chz really well until creamy, add all herbs, turn down to low and cover
    5. slice bread thin, mix garlic into butter, spread, slice thin tom halves, top with pinch of mozz, sprinkle each slice with basil, throw in preheated 400 oven on olive oiled tray
    6. throw in noodles, PAY ATTENTION, angel hair only takes 4 min
    7. throw in handful of sundried toms and spinach, cover
    8. noodles and bread should be done right at the same time, so take both out
    9. stir spinach in, and you’re done!!

  3. (Source: smallrooms)

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    my home is a shrine, I build it piece by piece. (little ephemera in my studio)

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    Have Company x Codi Ann Thomsen

    Photograph properly credited to Ann Gordon.

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    Codi Ann Thomsen x Have Company

    Details from Codi Ann’s letter-writing workshop photographed by Ann Gordon.

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